Saturday, March 26, 2016

"Unique Sales Proposition"

  Check out our "Unique Sales Proposition" with our "30 Day Price Guarantee in 30 Minutes Guaranteed!" No Salesman will call on you! You got my word on it! Jim Weaver 701.891.8249 The #RoadShow 


  1. As a product spokesman I only post, talk about or share only the products I personally use or have used myself in the past as well as the future!

    1. Well we did last spring cleaning just a lot to do imagine later this week will be arriving in Minot and I'll be heading out for the 2016 Roadshow as it commences again in honor of our country's greatness and President Obama's weakness slow down turn down World War 3 whatever but they will 10X right through no worries tonight alwys #goBig