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RSW or Cracker Jacks

RSW or Cracker Jacks

Are you selling roofs siding or windows (RSW) or are you selling security?

People are not rational.

This is one of the best lessons you’ll ever learn.

No matter how intelligent one is a person will make a decision based on emotional reasons.

Now, I am not saying all decisions are emotional but the bigs ones are.

Small daily decisions are usually made with logic.

The same is true with roofing, siding or windows.

When a homeowner decides to replace the RSW on their home they are making an emotional decision.

Investing tens of thousands of dollars is not easy for some people.

As a GC you are not selling RSW, you are selling security and peace of mind.

If you focus on the emotional reasons why someone would choose to replace their RSW your conversions will skyrocket.

Sell with emotion and close with logic.

If your sale is all emotion then you run the risk of getting buyer’s remorse.

What is buyer’s remorse?

It’s the sense of regret after having made a purchase.

You have to use logic in your presentations in order for them to justify their purchase in their minds.

Emotional Reasons To  Buy

An exercise you should try is to write out all the emotional reasons why someone buys a roof.

Things like:

-Peace of mind
-Fear of loss

Logical Reasons include:

-Time to complete work

Marketing Message

If your marketing message focuses on providing content that addresses the buyer’s biggest objections then selling would become easier.

Marketing is supposed to make selling superfluous.

For the contractors that actually use marketing, their marketing tends to focus on the low hanging fruit.

These people are at the top of the buying cycle. They usually have a problem with their RSW and they need someone to fix it.

This is the strategy that I would recommend that most contractors follow but this is only one piece of the entire market.

According to Chet Holmes, only 3% of the market is looking to buy your product/service.

This is a good video showcases Chet Holmes “Buying Pyramid” where each person is in the buying cycle:


The buying Pyramid breaks down the prospects into 5 stages of the buying cycle:

1. Percent who are interested in buying “right now” (3%)
2. Percent who are “open to consider such a purchase” (6-7%)
3. The amount who are NOT thinking about it at this time (30%)
4. Those who don’t “believe” they are interested (based on the info they have at hand) 30%
5. Those who are definitely NOT interested (30%)

It would be a mistake if your marketing only focuses on the 3% of people that are ready to buy. You are ignoring the majority of the market

If you spend some of your time marketing to the 6-7% and to the 30% who are not thinking about it right now it gives you a first mover advantage.

What is a First Mover Advantage?

From Wikipedia:

In marketing strategy, first-mover advantage (FMA) is the advantage gained by the initial ("first-moving") significant occupant of a market segment. ... A market participant has first-mover advantage if it is the first entrant and gains a competitive advantage through control of resources.

Let’s face it most people never think about their RSW unless there is a problem. However, if you promote your services then they might start thinking about replacing their RSW.

By promoting your message across as many channels as you can you’ll be top of mind and when the time comes to repair or replace their RSW they will call you first.


People are not rational.

They buy because of emotional reasons. Your marketing & selling should focus on the emotional reasons why someone buys a roof siding or windows

If your message focuses on things like security and peace of mind you’ll see higher conversion rates.

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