Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Patrica Eide Review of Precision Home Products

Patricia Eide  in Tioga, ND
My story is as follows. I had a new roof put on by an Ed Stanley, or E. Stanley, who now go by another name, that was without a doubt the biggest joke of the century. I hired Target Roofing out of Minot to do it right, but they purposely messed it up, so the boss out of Grand Forks came to do it right......sort of. I hired ABC Windows and Siding to do our windows after hail damaged our old ones......... I got a bay window and 6 windows for $13,700.00, and my ONLY saving grace was we never paid them ! From the day they put them in, we had nothing but problems. Our heating bill almost tripled, the windows froze over with ice.... yes, ICE, on the inside to the degree the latches were covered in ice, and my bathroom window they put in, was now the size of a port hole, they used SO MUCH frame on the windows.......exploded a year ago last March. They never responded to that..... they never fixed it, they never attempted to. They had lots of excuses. When they showed up a couple of months ago, after deciding to "discontinue" our brand of windows, and put in better ones, they not only said my Bay Window was the best they had ( this one froze over and had leaks in it, and cold air blew in through the light socket ), but they brought the same windows ! I said no.......... so they thought crank out windows would do better. I live in North Dakota, we live on wind........ from every direction, at every degree of miles per hour...... we make Chicago look calm.... I sent them packing.
I saw a friend on face book bragging about her new sliding glass doors and basement windows and how it drown out the new by-pass they put in behind her house........ we have a trucking company surrounding ours, and all I heard was their trucks, people talking, doors slamming and mufflers firing up 24/7. So I messaged her and asked about things, and she just loves them. I called Precision Windows, they came out, and the guy who actually puts in the windows does the measuring, not the salesman, like ABC did. At first I thought it was because I was tired that I didn't hear any trucks or people or doors......... but after 4 nights of beautiful, wonderful sleep with no noise, and no cold legs sitting at the dining table anymore, I realized it was Precision Windows that did it. They were so sympathetic to us for all we had gone through with "home town people" as contractors for everything else, that they even cut us a deal ! I got two coffee cups filled with candy for a thank you for choosing them, and my guy, Steve, has been here every day, on time, and works his butt off....... and does it with a smile and respect.
I will only recommend Precision Windows....... I felt like it did when you pulled into a gas station in the late 50's, and they washed your windows, filled your car, and checked your oil........ they have gone above and beyond and they never once left me for another job, like Target and ABC did countless times. Next year we plan to have our sun room of nothing but windows done, and you can bet your life, Precision is our choice and I won't accept anything less.
I even hate to see our happy faced window guy, Steve, go.....he just smiles when he comes driving up, and this man drove 3-1/2 hours one way, every day to do this..........with a smile and determined to make me trust in a contractor again......... he did. I trust ONLY Precision and guess what ?? I got a huge sliding glass door, where a leaking Bay window was, and it still cost us less............... you need to at least check them out, because I can save you so much stress, money and disappointment by telling you, THESE are the people to go to......... check around if you must, but I think you will always find out, Precision is the one and only one. Kind of our window soul mates ???? smile emoticon They are BBB approved, but even better, they are Patricia Eide approved, and boy is that so much more !!!

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