Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weaverism's ,Shuffles & Just Sayin's

Jim Weaver Your life is the result of the limitations you put on yourself. Nothing more. Nothing less. Stop making excuses for why you don't have what you want and get out of your OWN way!
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  • Jim Weaver ‎"Jim Weaver Director of Marketing"
    "My job is to give you enough reasons Today to Buy Our Products,Goods & Services as opposed to what my competition has to offer, which I know is of Lesser Everything because it also doesn't include Me!" O1.04.2011

  • Jim EIS Network...Where egos are as large as The Donald's hair but having more talent than Obama has in creating jobs in August of an election year! 450 Jim remembers everything he's done wrong and nothing he's done right. Every day he keeps doing. Every day he does less wrong. 4622 (0.43%) Jim man-whore = male slut so what man ain't? 3701 (0.27%) Jim Don't panic yet! 7761 (0.13%) Jim I would rather be in Charming, CA 3840 Jim If you want it. Go out and earn it. The thought of self entitlement is for pussies. 5011 (0.20%) Jim reptilian hookers are on the loose Run! 3190 Jim The Dickenson~ A "Good-News" news paper, once believed extinct by myself. Robert Fisher 3020 Jim I have decided most people are just plain nuts! 1,0599 (0.85%) Jim people say they want to help you then when its for for that help notice they are never around? just saying I always better doing it myself any ways 5013 (0.60%) Jim Sanity of the sane people of the jungle in the zoo 3020 Jim Ex wife...Sorry Hun, but, unlike you, Im not the doorknob, where everyone gets a turn. Im more of a casino. 3370 Jim We watch Whale Wars, Ice Road Truckers & Swamp Loggers we get invested in the people on these shows we can't seem to invest the time to get to know each other 3641 (0.27%) Jim Wish in one hand leaves you w ur dick in the other hand! 3010 Jim my brother in law Robert Fisher came here and was employed in less then 5 days of arrival Thur referral word of mouth! ND is Fantastic! 3031 (0.33%) Jim Id of Man ~ All stress id self induced! 3030 Jim Dogs of Summer : Obama threatens US Financial collapse without debt Increase is complete Bullshit! 2700 Jim It is easier to leave the past when you kiss your future.~ Robert Fisher 1,78911 (0.61%) Jim Your on the first leg of the journey to the rest of the best of your life! 1,3224 (0.30%) Jim You and your partner may actually be better off taking separate vacations this year. Whether your relationship is shaky or rock-solid, you do have DIFF .INT. 3020 Jim You and your partner may actually be better off taking separate vacations this year. Whether your relationship is shaky or rock-solid, you do have different int 4010Jim "My job is to give you enough reasons Today to Buy Our Products, Goods & Services as opposed to what my competition has to offer, which I know is lesser Value 4011 (0.25%)Jim "My job is to give you enough reasons Today to Buy Our Products, Goods & Services as opposed to what my competition has to offer, which I know is of lesser ever 4011 (0.25%)Jim do you have any sticks on rocks...translate if you can? 3010Jim here here UGLY real UGLY fuckin UGLY GET OFF THE BOX BITCH, Now pass the fuck out. 3030Jim hello Spartacus 3020Jim Robert Fisher Destiny awaits us all 3010Jim folks in MINOT,ND are homeless your not! 3010Jim frigging homeless get it right! If your going to be homeless get it right! 3010Jim lived in Russellville, Arkansas...So that makes me bad? 3020Jim want more, expect less, like everything, deserve nothing. 5390Jim what I really want, what I really want is peace, hope & happiness...forget it not in this life! 3020Jim For me to know Heaven exists i had to first find Hell. I not going to tell you where my Hell it's at. It is certainly real and unpleasant. 9833 (0.31%)Jim who would think pink was my lucky color 4601 (0.22%)Jim Facebook - weapon of mass distraction 2,11114 (0.66%)Jim Black, Red Yellow and White, Love Comes In All Colors..It's funny all the different colors animals are, even in the same species...we are all different 3751 (0.27%)Jim I'm 51 at this moment...only 49 years to live! Men weren't meant to ride With clouds between their knees...the road never ends...the journey begins here...ride 3180Jim "Jim Weaver Director of Marketing" I'm 51 at this moment...only 49 years to live! 3030Jim lady gag gag gag Says I was born this way! 4331 (0.23%)Jim see we don't even know what goes on around because were to busy to look though the crack in our lives 3020Jim Ultra Classic the road never ends...the journey begins here...with no designated route 66 4502 (0.44%)Jim the journey begins here...with no designated route 66 4640Jim Man's Primary task: answering the question of life, the universe, and everything. Asexually just a farting, burping, mistake making man. 3040Jim Man's Primary task: answering the question of life, the universe, and everything. Rite now I'm just a farting, burping, mistake making man. 4650Jim oh grasshopper you have so much to learn! 3,54317 (0.48%)Jim Wont be hanging my hat at Miss Kitty's anymore! Jim 4760Jim I told you who I was when we met , I did not change...No apologizes! Bus tickets are cheap! 3221 (0.31%)Jim huh nothing done by me no apologizes bs 4020Jim I will go now in search of my sanity...I left it somewhere back in 2006 4523 (0.66%)Jim Today is International "Kiss a Norwegian Day!" So grab a Viking or anyone that looks slightly Norwegian and make their day! 3020Jim Thanks to all who have served and are still serving our great nation as we are so because of that service. 5013 (0.60%)Jim As Sam Shepard once said, "You ain't a cowboy, you ain't shit!" What Sam forgot was his Iron Horse... 3010Jim Starting off your morning with a great good morning would nice sometime, I hate the directors in my life telling what I need to do worry about you need to do WTF 4031 (0.25%)Jim The Son said i Iove you...all! 3011 (0.33%)Jim Robert Fisher -AR resident - a little fish is feeling like someone wants his happy-fin fish pond turned into a sad-tornado pond. 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim brother weaver...Shut up & Ride! 3020Edit | Delete | SendUseJim I love it when people come into your "house" and try to tell you what to do like you're their bitch. Please...you don't belong in my "house"! Terra Daly 6321 (0.16%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim I love it when people come into your "house" and try to tell you what to do like you're their bitch. Please...you don't belong in my "house"! 4250Edit | Delete | SendUseJim "Hey Hey, My My" I didn't die! "brother weaver" 3020Edit | Delete | SendUseJim the secret to success is.. is no secret. It's called work your Ass off & find a way 2 add more value 2 peoples lives than anyone else does!-Anthony Robbins 9173 (0.33%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Dude #1... Says Wwowww I got chubby! - Dude#2... says back... At first I thought you said I got a chubby! Dude #3 says your both sick fucks, I'm outta here. 3030Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Did I ask you if you wanted to get your ass out of bed...no I told you to get the fuck up and get to it fuck face...God it like it was yesterday...home 3040Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Suck it up winkydink! 5,39924 (0.44%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim All self imposed ceilings are smashed, you can do anything you have the vision for!You are now free to roam the planet!"brother weaver" 3020Edit | Delete | SendUseJim All self imposed ceilings are smashed you can do anything you have the vision for ! 3040Edit | Delete | SendUseJim I maybe moving to another planet altogether? They say another mirror to this reality exists multi-verses, where's the Star-gate outta here? 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Now that Bin Laden is dead bring our troops home! Re-post if you agree and lets send a message all the way to the White House! 3,10530 (0.97%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Ask, believe & receive, aka demo,sell & close! 3030Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Salesmen most insecure bunch around! 3030Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Enthralled in my own life and spiraling ahead from years of ill repute. 3030Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Socially, Morally, and Politically incorrect. --Is my middle name-- Burn it to memory. When you see my name, expect the worst of the best. 4850Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Bin Laden dead-Troops home! 4011 (0.25%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim "The longer you wait for the future, the shorter it will be"-wessie-isms 7101 (0.14%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Do not demand for someones soul IF You already got his heart."brother weaver"realationships3020Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Change is happening in your life, so go with the flow! 1,2744 (0.31%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Jim Weaver- All human beings need personal space, time alone to decompress, OMG! Why is this concept so hard for some people to grasp? Do you agree? Posting 4741 (0.21%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Life is short, we live a long time, and love is all that matters. your quote now mine now every ones... 3021 (0.33%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim How much Crack was found on Charlie Sheen enough for 2 1/2 Men! 3230Edit | Delete | SendUseJim I have shitted in my pants 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Sex- prefect just get use to it the older u get the less you get! 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Boss just called me sent his best, but concerned with weather, Nice! as Winter 2011-2012 continues! 3020Edit | Delete | SendUseJim "The Brain is terrible thing to waste, and the most Powerful & UNDER-utilized tool we have!" 4721 (0.21%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Even the cats have cabin fever and looking for new humans here to have a relationship with...seriously! Poor kitty's 3020Edit | Delete | SendUseJim If I say it and you quote it to a group of bikers, successfully, chances are good that it's true.-Robert Fisher 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim you crack me up when I lowest...always my Bro! 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim that's it I'm buying a bike again and checking in on life! 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Marriage will elude me the rest of my days! 4031 (0.25%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim I left to go find my sanity!And single mindedness returned to me. Fantastic! 4721 (0.21%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim I leave now to go find my sanity! 1,2703 (0.24%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Instead of this shit why not get yourself a real cycle a motorcycle... 3030Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Z Bitch monthly alert is wailing...OMG 3020Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Financial matters are very important to you. You like to play it safe and feel secure. You are hardworking and smart. 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim yes I'm visiting all aspects of life these days? some think I'm weird but at this stage of life I'd could really care less... 4011 (0.25%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim The Alter state of Facebook is the fantasy of the Illusion! Every moment we spend reading Facebook is a moment we could have spent with a person. Concept!random4791 (0.21%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim I have seen the future, and I have decided to live there...The guest list is the Book of Life! 5322 (0.38%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim I have seen the future, and I have decided to live there...future4640Edit | Delete | SendUseJim I is who I be...Brother man! 3020Edit | Delete | SendUseJim The people behind me honked because I Went on red. Mind your own business Crime Team USA 3030Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Thinking you know is not as productive as knowing you think.So there you sit! 4701 (0.21%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim B.M. & A.D. Before Marriage & After Divorce it all boils down to these 2... When everything you think you know is gone, all that is real is what you'll see... 4640Edit | Delete | SendUseJim When everything you think you know is gone, all that is real is what you'll see... Amazing I completely understand this as it depicts the life...A.D. 3020Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Dissension is the greatest form of patriotism - Thomas Jefferson 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Wow...Love it that's one of Craziest things I've ever seen - Allan Ramos 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Aha, Grasshopper only those who are ready to listen are able to hear! Our Most popular to date Status Shuffle, Weavingfish Studios 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim The indescribable force that pulls us all down is called gravity, the indescribable force that stands us all up is called life. Robert Fisher 1,9058 (0.42%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim I once dreamed of a government that could not govern how much to pay itself. 7025 (0.71%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Budget... Joke of the day...Mass Media Distraction...This is all window dressing watch what happens next ... stay tuned for planned Total meltdown of USA dream! 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Yes, Sometimes my vagina itches too, but i don't post it on Facebook. Hurray! 4870Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Dad you were always cool, mostly on your Bike! You rode the code before it was spoken or written down and taught me well! I hear your tired now go for one more. 3040Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Who's going to see the fantastic, the extraordinary the FABULOUS Me! Can you see the real me, Can you. When evolved beyond this modesty issue I'll be fine 4030Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Who's going to see the fantastic, the extraordinary the FABULOUS me, Can you see the Real me Can You! When I get over my issue I'll be more then I can imagine. 3030Edit | Delete | SendUseJim I would have you believe me an angel, but I'm no better than the devil himself. 4010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim the non-essential government shut it down and never bring them back! 3292 (0.61%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Robert Fisher Ask me your unanswerable questions. kinda like Dear Abby or Dear Robert or Dear Fish... just do it! I'll even provide the blogsite... I crack up 3060Edit | Delete | SendUseJim are we done now the intercourse makes me want a cigarette can I go now! 3011 (0.33%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim shes in the slower I feel like a bitch today convincing woman ALTER ME ARRRGGGHHH! 3040Edit | Delete | SendUseJim The Why of the what escapes me this morning as to WTF is our country doing to itself? 4330Edit | Delete | SendUseJim "Ego resides in the mind, so if you think with your heart and feel with your mind, you wont have to worry about ego at all." 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Well that's it...McGruff Say's no zombie's ! 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Maybe some of us did not get enough" just being a kid" time in when we didn't have the chance too.I think I'll sue my parental units on these grounds. 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Don't you ever want to get that Loudspeaker and say "Attention Wal-mart Shopper were having a sales in aisle 13 on go Fuck Yourself, it over 1/2 off right now! 3050Edit | Delete | SendUseJim And then you write..Oh it's just a joke! ( But not really ) 3020Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Obumma resigns tomorrow @ Noon...From your Mouth to Gods Ear or in his religion it's Buddha? Islam's God is _____Allah? 3020Edit | Delete | SendUseJim History channelizing 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim I'm so happy to be from Milwaukee! 3210Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Your never without the Son...cool 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Listen... Do you hear that? Silence... The only positive effect of being Alone. I will plant a garden for sex. There i said it. I am a whore.- Robert Fisher 4750Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Check in for something you've never heard before, listen if you want brain damage, run if you're scared. 3011 (0.33%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim We're all 1random4742 (0.42%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Now taking applications & pictures prospects of my next ex girlfriend, seeking 1st person view soon... 3031 (0.33%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim I have pictures prospects of my next ex girlfriend, seeking 1st person view soon... 3030Edit | Delete | SendUseJim USS Enterprise...This in your front yard might give you cause to rethink your position, Mr. Dictator... Any Country! 3040Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Found this long ago.., its on My Space page Whats My Space, I was Social before it was cool and Facebook became the largest news organization! 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim If "that new car smell" can be discovered outside of a car, that's what I want. 3020Edit | Delete | SendUseJim It never matters what you are ranked. If you don't show up to play and win...its pointless! 5012 (0.40%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim There are no elections. Both Parties just take turns fucking us! 9676 (0.62%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Ha ha! Yep that's my man! Jimi Hendrix Weaver 3050Edit | Delete | SendUseJim I think intelligent design is the best argument for the case of the existence of God. Do you concur? 4010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Life is everywhere In our galaxy. The energy that creates intelligent design spins outward from it's center. We are not alone, we have family everywhere. 4010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Your epicness out-dudes me! 3020Edit | Delete | SendUseJim More zombie strippers 3020Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Ego is the death of mankind - Jim Weaver 5011 (0.20%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim It's not what you say about yourself that lasts forever. It's what do they say about you when you leave the room. 7246 (0.83%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Stars emit frequencies, some as basic as light. As we cross solstices of our Galaxy, Earth-Life is being energized, enhanced, Tuned like an instrument. Evolve 3020Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Water, Calcium Carbonate, Quartz Crystal and Life are in harmony with a frequency. The Milky-Way Galaxy radiates frequencies proportionate in complexity of Star 3020Edit | Delete | SendUseJim If you know of any forms of communication that are not transmitted by wavelengths, please share it. Sound? Blinking Lights? Radio? Don't worry,I'll wait. 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Because the Sounds of Silence are a vision softly creeping Leaving its seeds while I was Sleeping. 4031 (0.25%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim After 3 years Couples argue average 3 hours a week... Why for men... her bad bathroom habits! 3030Edit | Delete | SendUseJim For mass uses: We need a wife and mother for the big head. We want a girlfriend for the little head. Since all women are bat shit crazy this is now plausible. 3020Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Healthy and correct is often regarded as unpopular bullshit. 4640Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Six Degree's ...Only great force or tragedy can bring you together... 3030Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Facebook if the book fits face it !humor3060Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Not a Virus, Dead on Arrival Economy, USA & Away we go- - - poof! 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim USA & Away we go- - - poof! 3031 (0.33%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Defining our nation...a nation... a mindset...our ever apparent need for War! " brother weaver" 3030Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Dawning of Love - I'm Age of _____________ fill in the blank! 3040Edit | Delete | SendUseJim It is darkest before the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius! 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Governor Scott Walker- What are you going to do, right now? 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Which is worst becoming a Zombie or Fear of Cyclopism? 3040Edit | Delete | SendUseJim "You have a very nice low center of gravity!" 3050Edit | Delete | SendUseJim So much white powder I feel like I'm trapped Charlie Sheen's hotel room... 5013 (0.60%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Love, faith and optimism. They are all you need to succeed and, fortunately, they are qualities that you possess. You are indeed blessed."brother weaver" 3020Edit | Delete | SendUseJim I think I'll eat a gallon of ice cream and I'll feel better! 4810Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Lets go get the clown 3021 (0.33%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim What do a prostitute, a bungee jump, Charlie Sheen & President Obama in the same room have in common?All cost the same, and if the rubber breaks your screwed! 3,00129 (0.97%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim What happens when you get Charlie Sheen and President Obama in the same room? You get 2 bobble heads for the price of one! And nothing gets done. 3,16632 (1.01%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim I was smelling like a man using Old Spice since before it was hip to be Square! Or is it chic... Whatever! 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim No doubt, freaking liberals. Protesters are jobless socialists in Madison. Wtf? that's always been the case , I never could afford to take time off to protest! 3040Edit | Delete | SendUseJim I knew...You know...We all know! 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Your friends sound a lot like that Charlie Sheen interview. Jim Weaver, Hey I resemble that remark! Only I have a job! 3090Edit | Delete | SendUseJim is 51? What's CS got over me, I have a job! 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Your God and their God both are not my God, so don't make your irrational fears mine too.life3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim You are free to invent your life. Why are you still here on failbook?failure3031 (0.33%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Real men eat pink meat 4761 (0.21%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim I feel a little twisted tonight... 3,00116 (0.53%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim The sad part about blowing your mind is the size of the straw. 5352 (0.37%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim blow a goat and your a goat-sucker for life,you Ugly Mother Fucker of America! 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim "Do not measure your level of success based on the values of others. You are responsible for your life and YOU define your own success." 8,41993 (1.10%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim The mystery of life is answered with frequency. We are a result of the opposite of chaos. -Robert C. Fisher, channel 3 general mental spew. 3030Edit | Delete | SendUseJim "fate often takes a man far from his heart" 3200Edit | Delete | SendUseJim The life giving energy of our galaxy is steadily increasing. 3060Edit | Delete | SendUseJim The quality of your life is a direct reflection of your contribution to others. 5463 (0.55%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Unattractive, smelly, and embarrassing. why are we friends? 4960Edit | Delete | SendUseJim I think I'm gonna have to add tampons to our first aid kit at work! 3020Edit | Delete | SendUseJim The doctor won't declare me a vegetable until I stop twitching. Damn the luck. 4030Edit | Delete | SendUseJim I'm outta here, getting headache now I've been looking at this fricking screen all day. 3031 (0.33%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Another in office not in accordance with existing rules...I'll say it again! 3060Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Egypt, Bahrain, China, Asia, Libyan, Jordan, Syrian and any like nation, We the people will be free!freedom4091 (0.24%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Winning should be done with class. Losing should be done with honor. Not showing up to compete is shameless and cowardly.Life...I'm in it to win it everyday! 1,1075 (0.45%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Life...I'm in this to win it everyday!attitude winning7333 (0.41%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim You as a Girlfriend on Valentines Day was like not having a gf at all...You as a Girlfriend on Valentines Day was like not having a gf at all...What do you know 3020Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Reality is the imagination of the beholder of the square...life-changing4120Edit | Delete | SendUseJim you have to respect things or people to get respect and our President does not respect much of anything American nor does his wife ergo I have none for them or 3750Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Reality is the imagination of the beholder 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Leaving Left Hand, MS for Tense,ID feels like masturbation to me! Just as long as it doesn't require a Arkansas stop I'll be fine! 2180Edit | Delete | SendUseJim self worth is a very expensive love affair today! 4122 (0.49%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim The only enemy is the RIOT POLICE! and MILITARY! AS they will do exactly the same here when the shit hits the fan! 3040Edit | Delete | SendUseJim For those who struggle today in places far from here...Praying you get what, we all want, what all people want...PEACE 4010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim My 1st company name has 22 letters in it... So it continues I cant get away from the 11's in my life... I wonder how long this can go on...I 'm scared now 3020Edit | Delete | SendUseJim V for Victory Resistance...You are the Resistance! 3180Edit | Delete | SendUseJim In a land where Justice is outlawed.. the just must become.. outlaws...V for Victory Resistance...You are the Resistance!"brother weaver" 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim It's a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the very best, you very often get it! 3030Edit | Delete | SendUseJim There's just something very American about a Packers Win! 3190Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Alcohol,Tobacco & Firearms should be a convenience store not a Government agency! 4876 (1.23%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim This is now going into the fb record which is worst then the permanent record we all heard about in school...Status Shuffle 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Comrade I will need to see your Papers, we must see that everything is in line with the current requirements for travel , you do have all your Papers in order? 3050Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Jim Weaver now 12 degrees here!SUX,-12 Here! Blows!, So it's Banging 0 somewhere between here and there! 3050Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Crazy people don't know they are crazy, I know I am crazy so therefor I am not crazy, Isn't that crazy, now I know were related! 3,56132 (0.90%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Fuck You & Hurray for Me! Like it or not We are Here ! Join US... Like US or WTF we pull this Bitch down unless we can get some support! It's up to you all!adult-sarcastic-humour-insult3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Stupefied by the comments of few 4330Edit | Delete | SendUseJim "We give you enough reasons Today to buy our Products as opposed to what my competition has to offer,which is Lesser Everything because it doesn't include Me!"1-4-20113010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim "Jim Weaver Director of Marketing" 3030Edit | Delete | SendUseJim If you think its crazy cold there my crazy ass moved to Bismarck North Dakota its stupid cold here -20 it got here last night 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim You’ll really like the next email I send I send you. Fair Warning… I may not condone what you’re about to see I do practice in these activities 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim In another life, I Would be such a slut! 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim A crack in My Window Hmmm,is that like a cinch in my Armor? 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Any Firemen anywhere is an "American Everyday Hero" to me... I don't why I'm crying right now!heroes4021 (0.25%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Dear Mr. President ...I know how to save the economy. Shut off face book from 8 am to 5 pm. We might actually get some work done in this country.economy7787 (0.90%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim In La Kesh Means:"I am another you" or "I am another yourself". (Mayan) words are spoken with deep reverence as a recognition of the divine within another 4030Edit | Delete | SendUseJim In Lakesh. I am another you, you are another me.ancient greetings mayan3030Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Dark now for the duration till 2011 my last blog post called Proper FB Speak explains it all pretty well. Peace be with you! 3031 (0.33%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Merry Christmas Everyone from somewhere in the Great Northwest Pacific West of the Rockies ! 5835 (0.86%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Sales today 0- Motivated people 2- Cost to me 0- Reward to me Priceless! 4040Edit | Delete | SendUseJim As with many things in life...The hardest door to Open is usually your own Car Door! Jim Weaver On Sales 101 3010Edit | Delete | SendUseJim The hardest door to Open is usually your own Car Door! Jim Weaver On Sales 101 3021 (0.33%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim The mystery is always more exciting than the secret. 5,06525 (0.49%)Edit | Delete | SendUseJim still waiting to find something new but not surprised that it has not been shown itself or has not showed up yet! 2920Edit | Delete | SendUseJim Yeah it's been a ride...I guess I had to go to that place to get to this place! 2005-2010 Motherfuckerrandom5010Jim Alcohol,Tobacco & Firearms should be a convenience store not a Government agency!Just think of the very cool Christmas Gifts you could give & receive in 2010! 1,2017 (0.58%)Jim growing up in my house...it was said Jim is always Right, Bruce is God, Chris is Perfect! I don't remember which I guess it was who was telling it! 3030Jim 7-9 Bald Eagles soaring above the house this morning truly making this the place where Eagles Fly! 3010Jim I was married to a redhead once we argued twice! 3311 (0.30%)Jim Sometimes simple logic is so strong that it becomes infinitely undeniable; in other words, fact. 4932 (0.41%)Jim on 2010...I have only 1 thing to say...Great + Attitude = Gratitude 3020Jim Blow one Billygoat and you'll be a Goatsucker for life, Just Saying! 5013 (0.60%) Weirdness full throttle now 4830Jim I cant believe I didn't make the cut. Jim Weaver " Home Improvement's World's Greatest Spokesperson in the World!" 3020Jim Sorry this unit is not involved in any listening at this time, busy working camera optics currently. You will have to contact the correct Federal Dept. 3010Jim The best feeling in the world is looking back on life and realizing you fell for something with someone you were never meant to be with, but then found Ms Right 3110Jim "Excellence celebrated daily as opposed to sufferings of mediocrity endured by most!" Jim Weaver quotesjimweaverquotes4221 (0.24%)Jim "But you can travel on ten thousand miles and still stay where you are." a line from a song i didn't write.ten-thousand-miles3010Jim Thank you, Thank you very much ?-) Elvis impression 5020Jim I'm Great and when I get over this modesty issue I'll be Fantastic!fantastic great3,00114 (0.47%)Jim That would be facebooktastic ! 4671 (0.21%)Jim Soaring above all negative thought! 5011 (0.20%)Jim Yeah, I forget my penis if it was detachable ! 2290Jim ‎"is Doc Moms gonna have to choke a bitch?" -best quote from crank 2 3010Jim Life is too short, it's not a dress rehearsal , you get one shot, so make it count... OR DIE TRYING. MY BEST QUOTE " FUCK YOU AND HURRAY FOR ME!" 9403 (0.32%)Jim Here's my sign read and proceed with caution! 9043 (0.33%)Jim "Even Superman needs a Vacation!"superman7932 (0.25%)Jim "Home Improvement's World's Greatest Spokesperson in the World!" representing Home Energy Consultants across America providing Energy related Home Improvements. 3060Jim I'd rather be single than put up with this monthly Bullshit ! 6261 (0.16%)Jim There are 3 types of people in the world."Those that make do, those that don't and those who cant!" 4351 (0.23%)Jim "I never looked at the consequences of missing a big shot" Lee Harvey Oswald on marksmanship 3030Jim My Spokeswords are so valued, I was told I need to Insure my Voice... 500/500/500 Business/Auto plan brought yesterday, I may up it to 1 million!i-may-up-it-to-1-million

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