Friday, August 13, 2010

False Flags and Other Visions of our Future; State of Our Nation 8/13/2010

I published this vision I received in August, 2009 on the blog deleted by Google. I feel its time to repost it.

1. I saw that a large tunnel had been built between the United States and Mexico. This was designed to persuade the people that terrorists were trying to smuggle a nuclear weapon into the United States. The reality is that the nuclear bomb they will use will be from our own military.

2. I saw this bomb explode in Phoenix, Arizona. It decimated a very large area of the city and surrounding area.

3. I saw that the righteous would be warned through dreams and other ways to flee before the explosion. Some will not be warned, as a sign that God rules over all. These will walk among the flames like Daniel and his Brethren did in the furnace of Nebuchadnezzar. Not even the smell of smoke will be found in their garments.

4. I also saw that some of the righteous and good men of that city will perish as a blood witness against the Satan worshippers that planted the bomb. Their blood will be required at the hands of these evil men and none shall escape the wrath of God..

5. This event will be used by the Illuminati to justify civilian internment camps in an attempt to destroy those that still hold fast to our Constitution and Bill of Rights. I saw guillotines and firing squads being used as the mode of execution after a quick military trial. Some will escape and some will be taken. Some will die as a further means of bringing justice upon the heads of the wicked.

6. I saw the souls of those spoken about in the Book of Revelation beneath the altar wearing the robes of martyrs. These cried for vengeance on the heads of their murderers. There was a great multitude.

7. I saw God pour out His judgements on the heads of the wicked. Even those judgements the Apostle John saw in glorious vision. I saw the earth try and cover them and their sins. I saw a great earthquake hit the city of Los Angeles. I saw great waves coming in upon the city. I saw civil unrest that spread from one end of the land unto the other. Men against men. Women against women. State against state and people against people.

I saw three main judgements run through the land:

1. Those that were unfaithful to spouse, pornographers and sexual molesters were destroyed by a plague that resembled a red rimmed, purple blotch with a pustule at its center.

2. Those that were murderers and violent in nature would be destroyed by the invading armies of China, Russia and South America.

3. Those that were greedy and oppressed the poor, or ignored their cries of assistance, would perish in the great famine that spread through the land.

4. I saw the Chinese, selling weapons to the Indian nations who will rise up in anger and slay many in this land.

I saw flies spreading pestilence between the dead and the living.

I also saw a great work take place among the righteous. I saw cities spring into being overnight that had the full protection of God. Flame and fire burned over them by night, and smoke by day, like unto the ancient House of Israel. These offered food, clothing and other assistance to the survivors that wandered, or were sent to within their midst.

These were beings that relied on the glorious gifts of heaven. Their light stood in direct contrast to the great darkness that covered the face of this land. They upheld the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as a divine standard and the law of their land. This shall be a token of their righteousness.

I saw the Founding Fathers of this country returning and assisting in this great work. They were men of God and they shook off the filth that covered them from the hands of evil men as if it were a light coating of dust. I saw George Washington, the great General, his visage clear of the scourge of smallpox he had suffered in life. I saw Thomas Jefferson teaching the principles of basic human rights and property ownership. I saw Alexander Hamilton, preaching against the principals he had advocated in life. Denouncing banking as the greatest of evils among men.

I saw Abraham Lincoln, sharing his vision of the America he sought, in a small degree, to build during his lifetime. I saw James Madison expounding on his Bill of Rights as a necessity for maintaining individual freedom.

I saw those that had died as martyrs to bring forth this country shouting "Hurrah!"

"Let Freedom Ring!"

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