Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Good Name

This is a reposting of one of my favorites from our Dec.09 Blog
A Good Name

It is wealth…that cannot be stolen.

It is fortune…that cannot be bought

It is honor and character, impossible to imitate, impossible to cheapen

It is integrity And it is pride A man feels it when he labors with his own hands,

and offers his product for sale.

His name is on that product. His good name is born and sustained with that product.

A company is no different from a man

If it has a good name…it has wealth untold, honor and character unsullied, integrity unbroken.

It has pride…in itself, in its products, in its good name.

Let no one tell you that there is ever an excuse for the loss of a good name.

Not cost, not hardship, not the lure of temporary profit. Not even war

A good name is an obligation, an article of faith.

The penalty of breaking that faith is quick and automatic.

The reward for keeping it is long and enduring.

For the people will always know not to tell a good name.

A good name is a beacon. It stands above the treacherous darkness, the shifting waters, the uncertain shore.

It is a guide and a refuge.A good name is a blessing…to him who has it…and to him who must put his trust in it.

A good name is a man’s…or a company’s…conscience.

Author Unknown

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