Monday, July 26, 2010

Close Call

Close Call

Your time in the home is a unique opportunity. Use it wisely.


Publication date: 2010-06-01

By Dave Yoho

In a recent webinar presented to 1,000 companies, we asked for the most common reasons for not getting a contract. We were deluged with responses. Here are the top four: We need to look around. We're getting other prices. We're not buying tonight — we'll call you. Your price is too high.

What They Really Mean

We've heard these responses from prospects for years. The reality, however, is that they decided not to buy for other reasons. If you've been selling for years, you've no doubt left a home wondering how you might have responded differently or how you could have been better prepared. Selling is a science based on how customers and prospects think and feel. They won't always tell you what their true needs are, so you have to discover them.

Even veteran salespeople get sloppy at times and omit elements of the selling system that worked in the past. They fail to do a complete needs assessment in the "walk around." Sometimes they even fail to make one last attempt to get the homeowner's business before they leave the home, which is called a "doorknob" close.


Each day you are learning about new products, new styles, and new delivery. Unfortunately, for many, there is also an "unlearning" or failure to follow "the system." It's compounded by ever lengthening presentations and price drops in response to price objections, as opposed to competent selling, i.e., selling that convinces prospects of the value of the company and its product.

Selling in the home presents a unique opportunity for a protracted period of time. Ask yourself: Am I using that time wisely? Do I follow a step system of selling? If I received any of the four responses above, did I respond scientifically? (Go to to hear a free 50-minute recording on this subject called "The 7 Myths of In-Home Selling.")

Remember: Closing the sale is the natural conclusion of the satisfactory completion of each step of a sound sales methodology.

Jim Weaver "Staying Focused on the needs of the Client and not your own needs is one key to Success for me after 35 years in the business." 

—Dave Yoho is president of the oldest and largest consulting company in the home improvement industry. His newest album is "The Science of Successful In-Home Selling." He will be featured at the Remodeling Show, September 14-17, in Baltimore.

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