Sunday, May 30, 2010

Why Great Salespeople Never Measure Up : The GURUS Selling System

Why Great Salespeople Never Measure Up : The GURUS Selling System


  1. Subject: RE: Thank you for you, my first 10 days in Bismarck,ND

    Erik Luhrs, CEO

    Note on
    Concerning Measuring UP!

    I don’t know but it’s certainly a new next level that I have been working on for some time. I found some guru selling systems and it simply is only what ceiling that is self imposed or imposed on oneself. I thought back to the 100k glass ceiling and when I broke that, just because a measurement is stated …do this … 1 million in Sales and you make 100,000 a year… self imposed limitations, who set that standard some bar graph or past sales report well screw the report, when I opened my company I did single handedly a million in Six months smashing the glass ceiling and doubling it… I’m having so many thoughts and I’m doing things I learned long ago that I preached to my people but in a new sharp angle and in ways that are bold but make the most sense if applied to the human condition and your own approach and reaction to customer body language, and or tells and actually dealing with them as they reveal themselves. I could go on and on here, I know you get what I speak of here, I guess I’m just so excited about these developments I wanted to share them with some who can gasp what the concepts represent and the only thing I can say our futures so bright keep your shades handy ! Don’t forget the sunscreen!