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Green Jobs, Reinvention of Our Industry- I'm the Man on the Mountain Top Screaming at the top of my lungs... Is anyone paying attention?

I have been preaching the Gospel of Home Energy Consultants USA in other words telling various groups and Owner's of companies and independent contractors as well as suppliers that we needed to address this coming wave of EPA regulation as well as Reinvention of Our Industry - or your own company so instead of playing catch up these companies or business would be ready to face the hard times we as an industry as a whole will be up against... well now that time is looming over the next full moon.
Nothing like a day late and how about thousands of dollars short!

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Senators Urge Delay in Lead Paint Rule
Mar 26 2010 1:52PM

By Jonathan Sweet

It appears efforts by NAHB and others to get a delay in implementation of the lead RRP rule set to take effect April 22 may be successful.

NAHB members and staff have been meeting with those on Capitol Hill urging the delay, citing the lack of trainers that will make it difficult to have all remodelers certified by April 22.

A group of 10 Senators sent a letter today to the Office of Management and Budget, asking OMB "to take whatever actions necessary in the next 26 days to ensure that when this rule goes into effect, there are enough certified renovators available to meet the compliance goals of the rule."

The letter goes on to say: "These actions could include ensuring EPA has enough resources devoted to compliance assistance, speeding up the turnaround time for approving trainers, expediting public awareness and media campaigns and, if necessary, delaying the rule's implementation or phasing in the rule in areas where there are adequate certified renovators."

NEXT from QR and Exterior Contractor Magazines

Remodeling and home improvement companies have been hearing about the new lead-safe work practice requirements for several years. It has been a long process, filled with delays in implementation, leading to questions as to the final scope and requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency rule. Due to this level of uncertainty, many presidents and owners of remodeling firms put off any action toward compliance. Now with the April 22, 2010, deadline looming, Qualified Remodeler’s Exterior Contractor magazine connected with Stephen J. Klein, president of Kachina Lead-Paint Solutions, a provider of lead-paint certification training to provide tips on how to quickly make the right moves.

Exterior Contractor Magazine | OK. Let’s say you are Rip Van Winkle and have been asleep for a few years and you wake up now to suddenly find that you’ve got to get in compliance with the new law. What is the first step you would advise taking?
Stephen Klein | The first thing I would do is go on the EPA Web site ( and get your firm certified. That is a simple process and it requires a $300 fee. By doing it now, you are initiating it before the deadline, but you may not get the certificate back for six to eight weeks due to an enormous backlog, as you can imagine. I am a remodeler, too, and my lawyer is telling me that intent is very important. If you can show that you registered your company before the deadline, it will be less likely that you will suffer any negative ramifications relating to not having the actual certificate.

EC | After company certification, what is the next step?

Klein | There is some confusion about whether you need to have your firm certified first before you take the one-day, eight-hour RRP (Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule) certification course for individuals. That is not an obstacle. You and your people can get trained before the company is certified officially. The only people that will be allowed to test for lead paint on the chips from windows, etc., are certified renovators via the one eight-hour course. If they get that, then at least they have one person that is able to do clearance testing.

EC | Who in a company should get certified?

Klein | There is not one right answer. We are training big companies in the Top 500 with tens of millions in sales down to $250,000 companies, and it really depends on the structure of the company. I would at least have the owners and top management go through the training along with a few others on staff. The reason that owners and top management need to get trained is that this RRP rule is so complex and there are so many different curves to it that you really have to think through who on your team is trained. Do you want your sales force training, or do you want them to be selling? You definitely want some of your lead field construction guys to be trained and they, in turn, can offer the two hours of OJT, on-the-job training, to “helpers” on the team.

EC | What do you need to bring to the jobsite on the day of the installation?

Klein | They need to bring a copy of the company’s certificate from the government, the EPA, showing that you’ve paid the $300 and have registered. And they have to have a certified renovator on-site at the beginning of the job to set up the barricades and the tape and all of the plastic. That person needs to have his certificate from the RRP course on the job. And if he or she has a helper, they also need an OJT training certificate on-site. So there is a lot of paperwork required.

EC | What do you expect in terms of enforcement after April 22?

Klein | My lawyers say there will be soft enforcement the first six months or year, what have you, because the government understands that there are not enough trainers and the word is not out yet. Many, many remodelers are just hearing about this for the first time. The key is to have your team distributing the Renovate Right document from the EPA to all prospects and customers living in homes built before 1978 and be able to show that you’ve been doing this. It is a complex law, and owners and management need to be hands-on in making decisions about how this is going to play out for their firm.

To learn more go to or

Rules and Regulations
Statutory Authority
Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act (Title X): Developed a comprehensive federal strategy for reducing lead paint hazard exposure. Provided the authority for the following regulations by amending the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) to include Title IV (Lead Exposure Reduction).


Final Regulations and Policy
Minor Amendments to RRP Rule. Read EPA's July 15, 2009, Federal Register Notice announcing a final rule to make minor revisions to the Renovation, Repair, and Painting Program (RRP) Rule. Read summary information on the rule relating to requirements for training providers to submit photos of trainees. The rule takes effect immediately.

Fee Rule: Revises and lowers the existing fees for EPA's Lead-based Paint Activities regulations and establishes fees for the new Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting program.

40 CFR PART 745-Lead-Based Paint Poisoning Prevention in Certain Residential Structures.

Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Program Rule (Standards for Renovation Activities in Homes with Lead-Based Paint (TSCA section 402(c)): Establishes standards for individuals and firms conducting renovation activities that create lead-based paint hazards in target housing and child-occupied facilities.

National Lead Laboratory Accreditation Program (TSCA section 405(b)): Establishes protocols, criteria, and minimum performance standards for laboratory analysis of lead in paint, dust, and soil.

Hazard Standards for Lead in Paint, Dust, and Soil (TSCA section 403): Establishes standards for lead-based paint hazards and lead dust cleanup levels in most pre-1978 housing and child-occupied facilities.

Training & Certification Program for Lead-Based Paint Activities (TSCA sections 402/404): Ensures that individuals conducting lead-based paint abatement, risk assessment, or inspection are properly trained and certified, that training programs are accredited, and that these activities are conducted according to reliable, effective and safe work practice standards.

Pre-Renovation Education Rule (TSCA section 406(b)): Ensures that owners and occupants of most pre-1978 housing are provided information concerning potential hazards of lead-based paint exposure before certain renovations are begun on that housing.

Disclosure Rule (TSCA section 1018): Requires disclosure of known lead-based paint and/or lead-based paint hazards by persons selling or leasing housing constructed before the phase-out of residential lead-based paint use in 1978.

Lead-Based Paint Debris Disposal: Regulatory Status of Waste Generated by Contractors and Residents from Lead-Based Paint Activities Conducted in Households.


Regulations under Development
Amendment to the Opt-out and Recordkdeeping Provisions in the Renovation, Repair and Painting Program. EPA is proposing to expand coverage of its 2008 Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule as part of its ongoing commitment to eliminate lead poisoning. The proposed rule would eliminate an exemption from the RRP rule. Read the Federal Register Notice (PDF) (19 pp, 215K, about PDF). The Agency will take comments on the proposal for 30 days.

Buildings and Structures Training and Certification (TSCA section 402): Seeks to establish training, certification, and work practice standards for individuals and firms conducting lead-based paint activities in public buildings (except child-occupied facilities), commercial buildings, and steel structures.

TSCA and RCRA Proposed Rulemakings for Lead-Based Paint Debris Disposal: Seeks to establish new standards for the management and disposal of lead-based paint (LBP) debris generated by individuals or firms.

Lead-Safe Training

As of April 5, 2010, more than 4,900 courses have been offered and an estimated 100,000 or more renovators have been trained. Based on the current trends, EPA projects that by the April 22 deadline, an additional 1,000 courses will be completed and an additional 25,000 renovators will be trained, bringing the number of trained renovators to more than 125,000 by that time. The training capacity will continue to increase and training will remain available after April 22. For additional details, please read our fact sheet.

My View Point

1) We go to the 10 hour class which is all of 2.5 hours worth of material and training.
2) We send our $300.00 to the EPA and receive a license to operate our Remodeling firms in the same manner that we have always done with a whole lot more of plastic, tape and wipes generated in the process.
3) We call for a dumpster in which to dispose of the Lead debris and waste wrapped in plastic.
4) We are told that we cannot order a dumpster in which to place the debris without identification that it is indeed hazardous waste. So, if you have done the swab tests, you now have to call in a company with an x-ray gun to determine that the wood has lead paint on it.
5) You identify the waste as positive for lead, but now you are in violation of the State law by removing the waste without being a Hazardous Waste Licensed removal expert.
6) Now you are screwed because you are operating outside of the law and you have a 20 yard dumpsters worth of waste to get rid of.
7) What to do? Throw it in the landfill and risk being arrested for unlawful disposal of hazardous waste.
8) Take it to the garbage to energy plant and have them burn it thus polluting the atmosphere and be blamed for toxic contamination of the universe.

So, where does that leave us. We can't do our job legally and must call in a lead abatement contractor for every job with lead paint on the woodwork or siding.


The increase of per-household investment allowance, newly revised audit tools (eg. NEAT), and the advancement of energy efficient materials have made super-insulating windows available, for the first time, as a cost-effective energy efficient & energy saving solution available for weatherization programs today.
LEED® Certification
Demonstrating Green Commitment
More and more builders are facing demands for specific, documented green building content in construction. Building owners recognize the many values of green, such as lower energy use, increased comfort, social status, environmental concern and enhanced marketability.

The U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System™ is a way for builders to document the environmental friendliness of their projects. There are stringent, environmental LEED standards for new construction, remodels and residential construction.

Because they are both highly efficient and often times made using much less energy than comparable products, Serious Materials products contribute points that contribute toward a project’s
LEED certification.

Jim Weaver is Home Improvements World's Greatest Spokesperson in the World! My goal is a realistic and upfront relationship with our clients that provides clear communication, obtainable expectations and a win-win situation.

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Home Energy Consultants My goal is a realistic and upfront relationship with our clients that provides clear communication, obtainable expec...tations and a win-win situation. Home Energy Consultants USA

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The Home Improvement Industry Hotwire Review of the Summit: Going Green in the Home Improvement Industry The continuing review of the Home Improvement Summit next brings us to what may currently be the biggest opportunity for remodelers and general contractors. Green remodeling is taking the industry by storm as consumers are focusing more on conservation, both for environmental reasons and monetary ones.

One of the proponents of this movement within the industry is Terry Ferraro, who is the President and CEO of Pro Materials Direct, a distributor of specialty products to home improvement companies. They currently serve over 40% of Replacement Contractors’ (magazine) top 100. Since 1975, when he first joined Alside, he has dedicated his career to the industry. His distribution company, American Wholesale Supply, has branches in 7 southeastern states. He is a founder and director of EBank, a founder of Magnolia Windows and Gutter Protection Products of America.

Terry terms these as “Greenovation” jobs, and he believes that they are rapidly becoming the most profitable jobs for many home improvement companies.

In the surveys that his company conducted, nearly half of all the green specialists said that their green business was doing better than their traditional remodeling work.

One way that many remodelers are finding success is through weatherization programs that help homeowners lower their heating costs.

NARI recommends making energy efficient upgrades as a way to prepare for the season, and many remodelers are also offering winterization programs to help them reduce energy costs.

Terry gave a sampling of companies from within the industry that are having success with green remodeling and I will share a few here:

“Our Home Energy Makeover Sales have the highest closing percentage of any product that we sell. They have the highest gross profit. Almost 80% of the jobs are paid by cash or credit card. They have the lowest cancelation rate. Over 90% of all Makeover jobs are installed and there is little or no service after completion.”
- Scott Alsup, Sales Manager, Taylor Construction, Atlanta, GA

“We had a kitchen lead the other night and we were the homeowner’s 5th estimate. Our salesperson left with an $8,200 home energy makeover sale. Two days later we ran a front door replacement lead and sold a $7,500 eShield Attic Insulation job.”
- Randy Hamilton, President, Erie Construction

“We started running eShield Home Energy Makeover leads about 6 weeks ago and only handed out 10 demonstration kits to our sales force. Within 2 weeks all 77 salespeople wanted to run those leads.”
- Mel Feinberg, President, FHA Home Improvement, Hollywood, FL”

In addition to home energy makeovers, real time energy tracking will be the energy buzz words over the next 24 months.

Feel free to contact Terry Ferraro directly with any questions regarding this blog posting.


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Jim Weaver Our President ; My personnal message to everyone who is considering our company or about to do business with Home Energy Consultants:

Thanks for your time and your time today at our website I hope will be informative as well as entertaining in helping make A great choice in your company that you use and the products you finally get installed in your home.

I will promise you the following if your choice is Home Energy Consultants for your next project.

1. Our people will always be Concerned with the needs of the customer first.
2. They will perform with Competence the tasks at hand.
3. and always be Courteous at all times in your home and around your family.
4. They will use best practices with a Commitment to do the job right the first time.
5. They will remain Composed even in the most trying applications and in accordances
6. with a Consistent core of values that will demonstrate that we prefer to celebrate Excellence rather then install mediocrity!

I've been in this business a long, long time, and I've seen lots of products and lots of companies come and go. One lesson I've learned after over a decade of installing windows, doors, and siding is that QUALITY PAYS. Sometimes, it's a little bit more expensive up front - but products that last longer, look better, hold up better, and conserve energy better ALWAYS end up costing less in the long run. Always.

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"The Home Improvement's World's Greatest Spokesperson in the World!"

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Over 35 years I also learned something else the secret to providing the most cost effective way for you to buy windows at a cost you can afford!

Business has changed in the last few years no more do you have do it how it's always been done! This ain't your Daddy's Siding company anymore!

Fact is my Father was in this business in the 1960's in Milwaukee, WI. but thats another story you can read some other time.

I called this "Six Degrees of Separation" or you might say "Six Tears of Separation" of you from the products you want for your home. Energy Saving Products Home Improvement Products AND THAT Separation REALLY REPRESENTS Separation FROM YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY FOR NO REASON AT ALL! HOW YOU MIGHT ASK WELL ITS AS OLD AS THE HILLS, BIG BUSINESS IS STILL AT IT AGAIN...

Because everytime the product changes hands that party charges for or Marks-up the item in question.

Why ? you might be thinking to yourself,"That the way it's always done right?"

Well that's what they want you to think! The thing is about this industry is that they want you to beleive that's the way its done and you keep on Buying Windows and other Energy Related Home Improvement Products the same old way and that is great for them but insane for us American Consumers when there is a better way.
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