Friday, April 23, 2010

Choose not to participate in the recession...My America

No doubt about it, people are concerned about the uncertain economic times we find ourselves in. More specifically, their own job security, continued business success, and the value of their investment and retirement portfolios.Everything and everyone seems to be at risk. Indeed, these are uncertain times, and for many people, there is a great deal of anxiety over this economic turmoil. Many people feel powerless and are at a loss to cope. There are however ways in which you can thrive in the midst of all this uncertainty. Here are several simple ideas I would like to suggest you consider that may help you weather the current stormy seas our world finds itself in right now.

Take a media fast.

Don't listen to the radio, watch the television news or read the newspapers. This may sound a little over-simplified, but the truth is the media amplifies the inherent fear people have in this situation. Most of what goes on in the media is hype and overstatement. The media business is based on creating an overstated, sensationalized point of view. I am not suggesting that the media does not accurately report the facts. I am simply suggesting that the media amplifies the insecurity of the situation, and in many ways, is a distorted and biased lens that does not support a more balanced and neutral assessment of our current circumstances. It is far better for you to trust your own inner wisdom about your financial circumstances and not let any outside influences breed more uncertainty in your life. Do yourself a favor and go on a media fast.

Think about others, not yourself.

Uncertainty and fear drives people into an isolated point of view. A more useful approach is to focus on the areas of your life where you can be of value to others. Find ways to help instill confidence and light into people's lives. This shifts your energy into a more useful vibration and puts you in a place of wisdom and service. Others will sense your confidence, steadfastness and contribution and this will take the focus off your own worry. In turn, you become a source of inspiration to others and the value you bring to them increases.

Focus on current opportunities and forget the future.

There is no future out there. Everything that is happening is happening now. There is always room, in any situation, for a better idea. Think about how, in your current circumstances, you can create new opportunities to do things differently. You might find any number of things to improve in your present situation that will set you up nicely for when things turn around-which they inevitably will do. You may take this time to learn new skills, develop greater financial disciplines, align your life priorities in a direction that serves you. This puts you in a position of strength and removes the illusion of weakness and powerlessness. There is always opportunity in every circumstance. Your power to create a result resides here and now. Forget the future.

Focus on creating more rewarding relationships.

In uncertain times, it is natural to worry about the commodity of our jobs, products, and businesses. We may put a great deal of worry into how vulnerable and replaceable we may be. In uncertain times, it is more useful to strengthen your relationships with people- your employer, your customer, your family, your community. By putting energy into the practice of strengthening all your relationships, you will add greater value to the people around you. In turn, the value of what you have to offer the world is increased.

Focus on what is available to you now, not what's missing.

Uncertainty has a way of putting your focus on lack and limitation. When things adversely change around us, we tend to fixate on what is no longer available to us. A more useful strategy is to put your focus on what resources are available now. What skills, talents and inspired ideas can you use right now. Resourcefulness is a great discipline in times of uncertainty, and the results prove more powerful when things turn positive again. You have, whether you know it or not, all the resources within you to prosper no matter the outer circumstances. This idea is very empowering and puts you in a higher state of mind to be inspired to think of better, bigger ideas about creating value. Work with every resource at your disposal and your confidence and faith will grow.

You can't control anything, don't waste your precious energy trying.

Regardless of what is happening in the world, you can't control people, places or things. You can, however, control your responses to the events in your own life. Everything is a choice. Choosing to respond in a manner that serves you is a useful skill. There's nothing like adversity to sharpen this life skill. In any circumstance, everyone has to make a basic decision: complain and bitch, or engage life with more creativity and ingenuity. It is always your choice. Life will always be full of surprises, twists, turns- it's always going to be something. Change just is. In the light of your own inspired thought, you will soon recognize the freedom of just letting things outside yourself be and trust that, underneath it, all is well.

Always be in gratitude.

This is the most important strategy you can employ in tough, uncertain times. No matter how bad it is, there is ALWAYS something in your life for which you can be grateful... start with the fact that you are still alive and able to play the game of life! A feeling of lack and limitation cannot exist within a mind that is focused on being grateful. Gratitude is an amazing tool for your best thinking to emerge and your results to transform your life.

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