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No Shows and so-called One Legs

No Shows and One Legs

Nov 7th

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(As Published in Replacement Contractor Magazine)

No Shows and so-called One Legs frustrate salespeople. But a sale is all in the way these homeowners are handled.

Someone from your company set the appointment. Your salesperson knocks. Then, knocks again. No one’s home. Sound familiar? Here’s another scenario. Your salesperson knocks, expecting to meet with John and Mary Jones. Mary’s there but no sign of John. Your salesperson reacts with surprise, then visible dismay, then spends several hours selling Mary ten windows, only to have the sale quashed the next day when John advises her that they’re way overpriced.

These two separate and distinct types of situations can mar your effort to turn leads into successful demos, i.e., those that result in a sale. Yet there’s a lot you can do to manage this kind of adversity. How a company handles these two types of challenges affects its conversion rate and its lead costs.

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