Sunday, December 13, 2009

Blogzenmaster and Google Ad MadMan overnite! Update and repost from 12/29/09 Are things any better?

Where is Ronald Reagan when you need...
Oh If forgot... Opps! He's left the Building...
I'm doing my part to create American jobs in the new Green World Tech Order as well . Mr.President what have you done. I'm just Saying...Where is Ronald Reagan when you need...Oh If forgot... Opps!
He's left the Building... Man this Guy sure knew how to make an entrance and a properly timed exit! Thanks we miss you!

  • Blogzenmaster salary S156,000 Why you might say, well to replace my 2005 income lost in the recent reversals of lets say a few trillion dollars the US has lost to the lifting up of my brothers in other 3rd world countries or Globalization they call it. Who's to pay it Google, Yahoo and AOL seeing we don't make anything in this country and we only seem to market things like Internet ad space and the only thing we export from this country any more is war and I have been a marketer all my life it only seems right I should be paid for this time I have and I'm already here on this computer.

  • Google Ad MadMan Why I have spent so much time on this computer I figured out how to get myself positioned on the front page of google all by myself . I have a buddy in the IT industry who told me that that's worth thousands and companies pay huge amounts of money to get that done for them. So hey Google send me a Check for oh $2750.00 my last weekly draw in 2006 as a Consultant for a construction company. No can't do that I guess !
  • I’m also rewriting the English dict. For a new Green World Tech Order example : Blogzenmaster and overnite, much simpler and more meaning don’t you think, well thats 2 new words. I have a lot of words to go though today so I will keep on with my duties here and keep you all posted and feed.

Oh by the way that's more than anything our President did to create jobs this week here in America. That completes this weeks report from the Real World of Underemployment in the USA, till next time folks,
God Bless America and keep Americans working Mr. US Businessman.

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